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Carol Felton, MIPR

Consultant Carol Felton has 29 years' public relations experience in the chemical, coatings, fibres, healthcare, textile, nuclear and leisure industries. Her expertise spans corporate communications, strategic counsel to senior executives, crisis and issues management, media relations, financial calendar, corporate literature production and internal communications.

She was previously engaged in handling external and some internal communications for Akzo Nobel UK - the global Dutch-based healthcare, coatings and chemical company - following the acquisition of Courtaulds plc, where she was Corporate PR Manager. Between 1997-2001, she was Chairperson of the Chemical Industries Association's Media Relations Sub-committee.

Carol specialises in: corporate issues management/crisis communications; environmental issues, on both corporate and business unit levels; and preparing and supporting clients for accident and issues/reputation challenges. She has managed the PR aspects of strategic, prestigious corporate reputation programmes.

Carol has organised a number of crisis communications workshops and simulation exercises. She has also implemented crisis communications audits, devised procedures and manuals and given guidance/advice to businesses on corporate programmes (ie local community liaison/plant closures).

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Ron Edmond

Technical Consultant Ron Edmond has over 30 years' experience in the global chemicals industry. He is a SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) practitioner, registered Safety Auditor and an experienced incident responder.

Ron’s career began as a Chemical Engineer, managing major hazard processes in the chemical industry. He then moved to health and safety and held the position of Safety Manager for a chemicals major for 12 years. During this time, he became highly knowledgeable in emergency response theory and practical response. Today, he acts as a Consultant for all aspects of incident assessment, management, training and response.

Ron specialises in major hazard site operations and transport incident emergency response. He undertakes systems audit and emergency plan production, together with training in chemical incident management and simulated exercises (under the most arduous of conditions) and real-time coaching. He has unique knowledge of the inter-working of the emergency services, regulators and industry. His forte is on-scene incident management.

Ron has created and delivered hundreds of emergency exercises, in the UK and Europe, focusing on simulated chemical incidents. These have also involved other sectors, including nuclear, rail, ports, road hauliers, emergency services, the military and regulators. He has also participated in drafting the standards for IchemE, government and industry. In addition, he is a Council Member of SIESO and has lectured at many venues, including Morton in Marsh Fire Service College, Easingwold Emergency Planning Centre, the CIA and government legislative launches on many issues relating to emergency response and crisis management.

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Brian Swithenbank

Technical Consultant Brian Swithenbank is a SHE (Safety, Health, Environment) professional (MIOSH) with over 30 years' experience in the hazardous chemicals industry. He became an independent consultant in 1997, providing safety expertise primarily to the chemical industry.

He graduated as an Industrial Chemist and has spent 10 years in plant management, five years in plant development and 13 years as a Company Safety Officer. In the latter position, his responsibilities included five production sites, two R&D facilities and an administrative centre.

Brian is familiar with all elements of loss control and has specialist experience of major hazard risk assessment. This includes the elimination or reduction of risk through engineered solutions and the construction, provision and maintenance of contingency/emergency/crisis plans.

In the construction of contingency/emergency/crisis plans, Brian has shared knowledge and experience with leading organisations across many sectors. He believes that training and exercises (particularly for key role-players) builds teams, increases commitment, empowers individuals and makes emergency response effective.

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John Mattison

Consultant John Mattison is a former financial journalist with the Evening Standard and Sunday Times. He has over 25 years' experience in financial and corporate public relations. Prior to establishing his own consultancy, he was head of the Financial and Corporate Practice in London for Hill & Knowlton and Burson-Marsteller.

John works closely with the financial and stock market community and his clients include investment banks, major investment institutions, professional firms and markets. He has, therefore, an intimate understanding of the attitudes and information requirements of the financial community and how they are likely to respond to sensitive corporate issues and crisis situations. This close knowledge also extends to the national financial media, which exerts such a powerful influence over City opinion.

John has lectured widely on the needs of the business media. He has also designed and led numerous media training programmes for clients from a wide range of business sectors.

John has undertaken numerous sensitive and senior level research projects among City and other opinion formers. Clients have included Goldman Sachs, Royal & Sun Alliance, Royal Bank of Scotland, Guardian Royal Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, Lloyd’s of London, British Gas, British Rail, Coopers & Lybrand, Andersen Consulting, Vodafone, Racal, SmithKline Beecham and Slough Estates.

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Walter J Anzer MBE, MCIM

In a 25 year career dedicated to the food industry, TRS Reprise Consultant Walter Anzer has worked with a broad spectrum of global majors in his role as Secretary to leading UK and European trade associations. His experience spans the import/export, manufacture and distribution of fresh and processed foods, embracing a hands-on knowledge of the science, production and labelling of food and drink. He is based in London.

Walter's specialist knowledge is very much in the area of gathering, disseminating and advising on European Union and UK food policy development and legislation. In this capacity he can help clients to influence regulatory proposals at draft stage, before they are circulated for comment. He has long established contacts with the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and relevant committees, UK Port Health, Lacots (Local Authorities Co-ordinating Body for Trading Standards) and the European Commission and other legislative bodies of the EU. He also advises overseas trade associations on the EU.

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Geelmuyden. Kiese

Geelmuyden.Kiese, with net fees of NOK 82 million in 2001 and 80 employees, is one of the largest consultancies in Scandinavia specialising in strategic communication consulting. The company, based in Oslo, develops strategy, conducts analysis, and provides media relations, public affairs, financial public relations, advertising, design, events management, editorial and 24-hour crisis response.

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RF Comunicação

RF Comunicação, based in São Paulo, is a marketing communications agency providing a wide variety of public relations advice and consultancy. Its clients are largely national and international companies in Brazil and Central and South America.

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