TRS - Services
TRS provides strategic and creative communication services.

Major Incident Response

We assess and audit our clients’ readiness to respond to major incidents. We help define appropriate incident management structures. Should the worst happen we are available 24/7 to provide immediate advice and support as the incident unfolds. We will counsel the best approach to use with media and key stakeholders and we will work with you to draft key messages, statements, news releases and social media updates. If necessary we will send consultants to the location for “on-site” media advice and handling. We also advise on operational decision making. We will monitor media output and stakeholder reactions as the incident progresses.

Media Relations

Our senior consultants are former journalists who understand the media and its requirements. We know how to write appealing and newsworthy copy and frame stories in a way that the media will use. We advise on both proactive and reactive media handling and we have established mature relationships with journalists at local, national and international level. We are experienced at dealing with traditional print and broadcast media as well as digital and social media.

Corporate Communications

We use a variety of channels and materials to communicate effectively about your business including statutory requirements such as annual reports. We advise on the identification and management of your key stakeholders and opportunities to communicate. We analyse your risks and issues and develop strategies to mitigate those risks through communication and engagement activities. We draft communications materials like speeches and conference papers.


We provide sophisticated major incident response training that is carefully tailored to your business and sector. Our training ranges from one-to-one sessions with senior management to full drills which exercise your whole team and which can include a “real time” media element. We prepare realistic, sector-specific scenarios and advise on the whole response effort not just communications.